New advances in PDE's, Inverse Problems and Control Theory
 Parma (Italy) July 6-10, 2015

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Monday, July 6th

14.00-14.15 Opening.
14.15-14.50 G. Da Prato: An integral inequality for the invariant measure of a differential stochastic equation.
14.55-15.30 A. Miranville: The phase-field crystal model with logarithmic nonlinear term.
15.35-16.00 D. Addona: Systems of Kolmogorov equations and applications.
16.05-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-17.05 L. Weis: The Floquet transform on Lp-spaces and periodic problems.
17.10-17.35 S. Ferrari: Sobolev spaces with respect to weighted Gaussian measures in infinite dimensions.
17.40-18.15 D. Mugnai: Degenerate singular parabolic problems with non smooth coefficients.
18.20-18.55 G. Marinoschi: An optimal control approach to the optical flow problem.

Tuesday, July 7th I. Lasiecka: Global attractors for full von Karman systems with thermal effects.
9.40-10.15 M. Choulli: Gaussian lower bound for the Neumann Green function of a general parabolic operator.
10.20-10.45 L. Angiuli: Semilinear nonautonomous parabolic equations with unbounded coefficients in the linear part.
10.50-11.15 Coffee break.
11.15-11.50 F. Alabau-Boussouira: Control of degenerate wave equations for general diffusion coefficients.
11.55-12.30 P. Martinez: The cost of controlling degenerate parabolic equations.
12.35-13.00 R. Guglielmi: Optimal control of the Fokker-Planck equation.
13.05-14.40 Lunch.
14.40-15.15 M. Hieber: Dynamics of liquid crystal flows. Part I.
15.20-15.55 J. Pruess: Dynamics of liquid crystal flows. Part II: the full incompressible isotropic case.
16.00-16.25 C. Tacelli: Weighted Hardy's inequality.
16.30-16.55 Coffee break.
16.55-17.30 D. Guidetti: Parabolic problems with dynamic or Wentzell boundary conditions in spaces of Hoelder continuous functions.
17.35-18.10 F. Bucci: The LQ problem and Riccati equations with unbounded operators: power and limitations of unifying abstract theories.

Wednesday, July 8th

9.00-9.35 S. Terracini: Liouville theorems and qualitative properties of solutions to competitive systems with several components.
9.40-10.15 N. Okazawa: Another approach to Legendre type operators with degeneracy at the boundary.
10.20-10.45 G. Cappa: On the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator in convex sets of Banach spaces.
10.50-11.15 Coffee break.
11.15-11.50 J. Le Rousseau: Null-controllability of the Kolmogorov equation in the whole phase-space.
11.55-12.30 L. Pandolfi: Control and identification problems for systems with persistent memory.
12.35-13.00 G. Floridia: Multiplicative controllability for nonlinear parabolic equations.
13.05-14.40 Lunch.
14.40-15.15 R. Triggiani: Global uniqueness and stability of an inverse problem for the Schroedinger equation on a Riemannian manifold via one boundary measurement.
15.20-15.55 M. Yamamoto: Carleman estimates and inverse problems for integro-hyperbolic equations: Kelvin-Voigt model and viscoelasticity.
16.00-16.35 J. Vancostenoble: Determination of the insolation function in the nonlinear Sellers climate model.
16.40-17.05 Coffee break.
17.05-17.40 L. Rondi: Approximation and computation for the inverse photolithography problem.
17.45-18.10 G. Mola: Reconstruction of two constant coefficients in linear anisotropic diffusion model.
20.15 Social dinner.

Thursday, July 9th

9.15-9.50 S. Nicaise: Stabilization and asymptotic behavior of the telegraph equation.
9.55-10.30 G. Metafune: Generation results and kernel estimates for a class of second order operators with discontinuous coefficients.
10.35-11.10 A. Lunardi: Surface measures in Banach spaces.
11.15-11.40 Coffee break.
11.40-12.15 D. Pallara: A Meyers-Serrin theorem on manifolds and $L^1$ regularity result for linear systems of PDEs.
12.20-12.55 E. Priola: On Lp-estimates for some possibly degenerate parabolic operators.
13.00-14.40 Lunch.
14.40-15.15 R. Schnaubelt: A structurally damped plate equation with Dirichlet-Neumann boundary conditions.
15.20-15.55 A.A. Albanese: On the sectoriality of a class of degenerate elliptic operators arising in population genetics.
16.00-16.25 C. Spina: Rellich and Calderon-Zygmund inequalities for operators with discontinuous coefficients.
16.30-16.55 Coffee break.
16.55-17.30 P. Loreti: Observability of square membranes.
17.35-18.10 D. Sforza: Observability and partial observability for viscoelastic systems.
18.15-18.50 E. Vitillaro: On the wave equation with hyperbolic dynamical boundary conditions, interior and boundary damping and sources.

Friday, July 10th

9.15-9.50 V. Barbu: Parabolic equations with singular diffusivity on real line.
9.55-10.30 E.M. Marchini: Approximation results for state constrained inclusion in infinite dimension.
10.35-11.10 M. Conti: On the time-dependent Cattaneo law.
11.15-11.40 Coffee break.
11.40-12.15 N. Krylov: To the theory of viscosity solutions for uniformly parabolic Isaacs equations.
12.20-12.30 Closing. |